Odour Control - The Problems

From pets carrying in the scent of the day, to children returning from playing with half of the park left on them, stepping into the modern family home can often feel like entering the arena of chemical warfare. As with any business environment, food can easily be left where it isn't meant to be and spills can slowly cause a build up of powerful and discomforting odours.

Many products you see advertised to help you turn your home or business back into a friendly and comfortable environment often only mask bad scents, even those promising to deal with the source of the odour do not really have the power to tackle the cause of the scent with a long-term outcome.

That's why we at Carlton Cleaning have used our vast experience of turning domestic and commercial environments from trouble-spots to homes and pleasant places to work have teamed with Chemspec Europe, who have delivered what we both believe is a truly great product. By producing 'Formula 429', Chemspec Europe have created a product which effectively sources out the micro-organisms creating bad odours and tackles them, whilst preventing further development of the problem. Combining this great product with our extremely skilled and dedicated team, Carlton Cleaning are sure that you will be highly satisfied with the results.

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